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You can fund your wallet here in 4 different ways listed here.  For only $6.00 one time, you can do more if you want, and you get thousands of Ad credits to advertise with and to earn Bitcoin.  Join and fund your wallet asap! We also accept:Image result for image of google payImage result for image of bluebird american expressImage result for image of google payImage result for buy with bitcoin


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*Matching Bonuses Over & Over of every member you share your link with or Pay It Forward for! 
*The system will buy each member that has funds in their sub wallet one $1.50 spot in the Fast Flow Line every 3 days for constant flow automatically on full autopilot.
*$6.00 initial Subscription purchase turns into 4 spots in the Fast Flow Line for $1.50 Each of those spots in time turns into 440.00 over & over.   Image result for share this with others



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